how you should take the media

I wrote a newspaper column for 12 years and taught journalism. People get worked up about why certain media seem to attack Trump or always talk about the same issues. REMEMBER THIS AND YOU WILL UNDERSTAND HOW THE GAME IS PLAYED: Media react to whatever draws viewers and ratings. When you have more of them, their producers and editors love it because it generates MORE REVENUE. It’s about advertising and $$$
—- MSNBC, for instance, favors more liberal politics and will have mostly panelists who have those views and draw in more moderate or liberal viewers. The same for Fox News which appeals to older people and conservative views. CNN tries to play in the middle, so its panelists at times have somewhat more balanced views. You want to hear both sides: tune in PBS or the Nightly News Hour on PBS tv with Judy Woodruff. They tend to give you both sides of any issue.