Children in the Forest

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A multi-cultural children's book about tolerance, friendship and adventure among Amish children and those children not of the Amish faith. Based in part on the experiences of the daughter of the author, Tim Moriarty, and a child of Amish friends of Moriarty. Ideal and highly appropriate for classroom use and a read-to book for families and children through fifth grade.

As the children sat on the soft ground, Anthony said,"Close your eyes and listen to the sounds. We do this when we hike out here with our parents. My mother said listening brings you closer to nature. Let's be quiet for a minute and count how many sounds we hear."  The children sat close together and closed their eyes. After a minute or so, Anthony said, "Open your eyes." 

"I heard the woodpecker, a cardinal, a blue bird, and a squirrel running up a tree," Samantha said. Kelly and Tina said they heard the same sounds. "Wow," Cara said. "I can't believe you heard all those things. "We don't hear those sounds living in the city."

Title: Children in the Forest: Cara and Christopher's Day with the Amish
Pages: 60