Some Smiles Some Tears

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Tim Moriarty wrote more than 500 Sunday columns over a 12-year period for several newspapers while serving as an English teacher and journalism professor. Each column is designed to encourage you to reflect, identify with and in some cases, shed a tear or brighten your day. From the Heartland, SOME SMILES, SOME TEARS, is written from his heart, often in first person, with themes that we deal with everyday within ourselves, our family, our friends and our community.

Are you full of fear, some love, or a combination of both? I once attended a workshop in which the leader said most of our everyday decisions are made either from FEAR or LOVE. Throughout the years, I believe he is right. What do many of us fear? Is it failure, death, running out of money, relationships/commitments, our mental/physical conditions, loneliness, or the world in which we live and will leave for our children? These are all legitimate concerns. I have learned that the best way to cope is to have faith or believe in something beyond earthly solutions. Many people think it is God. Some rely on a Higher Being. Others say science is the answer.

Title: Some Smiles Some Tears: Inspiration, Compassion
Pages: 138