Tragedy and Triumph in Weaver County

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Rachel Mast, a 29-year-old Amish mother of four children, was suffering. Isolated and with no one to share her deepest pain and most intimate thoughts, she turns to a close friend, Marty Keane, someone outside the Amish faith. They walk together in a journey that leads to one of the most dramatic changes ever witnessed in Amish society. With more than 30 years of involvement with Amish society, writer Tim Moriarty creates a picture of how Amish and Mennonites think, how they talk and how they deal with conflict in a society that tries to keep conflict away. (complete with pictures and a bonus section on questions you may have of Amish society)

One time, he had taken their two horses, both beautiful Morgan thoroughbreds, and hid them in Andrew's barn. He told Rachel that he had sold them for a cow. Continuing to jest, he told her that,"they could pay 'the English' to haul them to various places that they might need to go". Rachel was aghast until Eli admitted to the prank. These days, Eli was a different man.

Title: Tragedy and Triumph in Weaver County: Amish housewife Rachel Mast
Pages: 150